58% of employees have sent confidential information to the wrong person!

Most businesses hesitate when asked whether they feel confident about their data security.

This is especially true in an omnichannel world, where there’s so much information that’s shared between all sorts of mediums: computers, tablets, applications, mobile phones, and with so many modes of storage, from on-site servers to the cloud.

Microsoft Active Directory is the most widely used access and authentication tool in the world. Even in environments where separate tools are used for functionality in almost every case they tie back to AD to provide provisioning and access lifecycle capabilities.

There are many Microsoft products and features that will help you manage and secure your unstructured data, usually with seamless integration with the tools that your employees are already using every day. Word, Excel, Outlook…these are a part of everyone’s daily lives and contain vast amounts of the worlds business data.

Let us help you ensure not only that your data is always available, but that it is only available to the right people, at the right time.

Microsoft provides solutions to four main categories:
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Information Protection
    • Threat protection
    • Security Management

At Guardian Eagle, we are proud partners with Microsoft. Contact us so we can help you implement these measures in your own enterprise.