Nubeva- Ransomware Reversal

We all know that ransomware continues to dominate as the most visible cybersecurity risk playing out across our nation’s network and the threat shows no mercy, targeting businesses, organizations, and governments of all sizes. The US has been experiencing 4000+ attacks every day for several years, and the damages are growing exponentially.  Mega-ransoms hit an all-time high at $40million in 2021. While the median ransom in 2021 averaged $170K, recovery costs can destroy businesses. In fact, Forbes reported that the current average cost to recover from a ransomware attack is $2 million, making the cost 10X the price of the ransom itself.

THE CHALLENGE: Ransomware Gets Through

Despite best-in-class security systems, ransomware continues to get through network security systems and go unnoticed by end-point detection and response (EDR) systems to await detonation. Once the ransomware detonates and encrypts files, fast recovery is necessary to get your company back to business. Yet, in the event of an attack, a company is limited to recovery by backup or paying the ransom to decrypt; however, these options are slow, expensive, and sometimes impossible.

A NEW OPTION: Ransomware Reversal – Ransomless Decryption

Guardian Eagle has partnered with Nubeva to provide customers with the ability to recover stolen data – without the need to use backups or provide payment for ransomware decryption keys. Utilizing Nubeva’s Ransomware Reversal technology, encryption keys used during a live ransomware attack are stolen, copied, and securely stored, allowing the organization to reverse the attack and get back to normal operations almost instantly.

Nubeva Reverses the Irreversible

Nubeva’s technology fills a critical gap in the international ransomware response. Nubeva provides clients the ability to recover stolen data—without using backups or providing payment for decryption keys. How? Capture file encryption keys used by ransomware in real-time. With keys in hand, decryption is trivial and fast.

Nubeva is easy to implement, uses flexible architecture, and has cloud scaling performance all at affordable pricing!

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We believe that Nubeva’s breakthrough Ransomware Reversal technology backed by Guardian Eagle’s managed services represents the next evolution in data protection for your organization.

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