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The same way you have blind spots when driving, computer systems have dark spaces through which security threats can infiltrate your network, undetected, and lay dormant until it’s the perfect time to strike. By the time you notice it, the damage has already been done.

Or maybe you have a rogue employee who’s accessing files that are irrelevant to their job duties, and no one at your company is the wiser. How are you going to protect your assets from any of these scenarios?

ExtraHop provides around-the-clock monitoring of your databases, identifying threats even within encrypted traffic and highlighting late-stage attacks, including in your system’s dark spaces. See the full context of any unusual movements, with complete east-west visibility and a quick turn-around on investigation time.

Identify the following threats in real time:

  • Command & Control
  • Lateral Movements
  • Reconnaissance
  • Exfiltration

In addition to finding threats, ExtraHop pinpoints its root cause and provides a comprehensive forensic investigation. And if any of your client files are infected, they will be quarantined, to keep the rest of your database protected.

It’s the most accurate bird’s eye view with the sole goal of protecting your data.