Ransomware Removal

Guardian Eagle Adds Nubeva’s Ransomware Reversal Technology to Trusted Suite of Data Recovery Services

Guardian Eagle has partnered with a leading software developer of B2B solutions to offer a new line of defense in the fight against ransomware. Nubeva Technologies’ software captures ransomware encryption keys at the time of an event to implement fast and easy decryption to restore operations without paying ransoms. Guardian Eagle has added the Ransomware […]


Monitoring & Blocking: Real Time Visibility & Alerts

Overview: With the amount of activity going on in the database it isn’t practical for an individual to identify and dissect every log. Even with an entire team dedicated to database traffic analytics, one hundred percent visibility is not guaranteed. In addition, this activity would most likely have an impact on performance, especially in an […]


Database Activity Monitoring

Our next stop on the way to protecting your data from the inside out is Auditing. Constant database activity makes it nearly impossible to see everything that is going on with your data, and you never really know if that’s good or bad. That’s where auditing comes in. Since there is always a risk that […]

Access Controls Blog

Access Controls: Everything You Need to Know

  Large tech companies are still unaware of the necessity to protect passwords and train employees on the importance of multi-factor authentication.  There are so many Access Control options out there these days, it may be hard to narrow down what your company needs to be doing. Whether you need to be compliant for NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA […]


Guardian Eagle – A Data Protection Company

Guardian Eagle is a Data Protection Company that secures your data from the inside out. We truly save companies from data nightmares! Our legacy expertise in databases, business continuity, replication, performance tuning, and data security has allowed us to help our customers experience less down time, zero data loss, and highly tuned systems that perform […]