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Database Health Check

The Database Health Check – A Full Database Review

Guardian Eagle’s Database Health Check and Performance Assessment is a review to identify gaps between industry Best Practices and the current situation.  We look at database performance, security, availability, and data resiliency by following a check list we created and have refined over 15 years of living and breathing databases.   We’ll show you where you’re at risk and what can be done to secure your data. Our database assessments provide you with detailed recommendations to meet your business goals.

Guardian Eagle’s Database Health Check and Performance Assessment includes:

    1. Documentation of existing issues
    2. A detailed report of measurable metrics affecting system performance (included monthly with our OnTrack™)
    3. Consulting on performance improvement recommendations
    4. Backup and Disaster Recovery Analysis vs. stated RPO and RTO
    5. Database Security Analysis

If there are gaps between business needs and your current environment, we will identify and review those with you, including options and ideas for closing those gaps.

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We recognize that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to securing data. Our professional IT consultants are available to fully customize your security according to your business needs and ensure your systems are running at top performance.

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