Database Managed Services

Database Managed Services

OnTrack™ is Guardian Eagle’s Database Managed Service that works for your business 24/7. It is the most successful and utilized IT solution we offer, designed to take the expense and confusion out of managing your own databases. Our OnTrack™ team of experienced Database Administrators are available around the clock to complete the maintenance and monitoring necessary to keep your systems, and business, running at full steam. As your dedicated managed services provider, you will always have access to a DBA who understands your environment and will be there immediately to solve your database problems. When you sign up for OnTrack™, you not only get an insurance policy for your database but an additional set of hands and architectural expertise that help you both tactically and strategically.

Guardian Eagle’s DBA team has expertise in a variety of databases including Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server. Our remote managed service is cost-effective and improves your database performance, scalability, availability, and security. We can provide enterprise level professional services for your on-premises databases and for anything else you may already have hosted via cloud services (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle, Azure, etc.) We have our own tightly controlled and securely hosted cloud service in world-class data centers.

Our OnTrack™ Database Managed Services include:

OnTrack™ Basic

The following services are included in this solution:

    • Proactive monitoring of alerts and notifications
    • Database performance and availability analysis
    • Develop database backup and recovery strategy
    • Apply quarterly security patches
    • Manage data file and tablespace storage
    • Implement Eagle Eye™ software where applicable
    • Perform annual software license assessment

OnTrack™ Complete

    • This solution includes OnTrack™ Basic, 24×7 support, plus:
    • The Basic solution can be purchased with critical support during business hours or 24/7.
    • Implement disaster recovery process utilizing our secure data center
    • Set up application replication and failover
    • Manage primary and failover databases in archive log mode
    • Perform scheduled Disaster Recovery tests to ensure proper functionality
    • Implement a secure backup and recovery environment This solution includes OnTrack™ Basic, Complete, plus:

OnTrack™ Hosted

    • We take care of everything.  You just purchase licenses (or we can provide).
    • Fully hosted environment in world class data center.
    • We provide Operating System, terminal services connections, and support for the entire environment.
    • Disaster Recovery for environment at a secondary Data Center.

Remote Mission Critical Database Monitoring & Support

Your database is a valuable driver to success for your business. Maintaining your data environment is critical but it can also be expensive, confusing, and time-consuming. OnTrack™ offers more support, more expertise, and more performance, for less than the cost of adding staff or dealing with issues after they arise. Our database solutions have been providing the kind of preventive, proactive support that saves our customers money for more than 10 years.


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