ORACLE Software License Assessment

ORACLE Software License Assessment

If Oracle were to audit you today, would you pass?

Most companies don’t know the answer to this.   Unfortunately, they will find out too late.  Oracle database software allows anyone to install and run it without having any kind of license key.  This is great for people who have Unlimited License Agreements, but for many it leads to unintentional usage without the corresponding license purchase.   From our experience, most companies are out of compliance without knowing it.  From Oracle’s perspective,  even if it was an accident, the penalties are significant.  Here are some key reasons to have us conduct an internal licensing assessment ASAP:

  • Your contract to use Oracle software allows them to audit you whenever they want to make sure you are compliant
  • Guardian Eagle has seen more of our clients audited by Oracle LMS in the past 18 months than we have in the previous 18 years
  • We have found that most companies are out of compliance because they don’t realize how much they have installed or even where it is.  Unlike other software that will restrict usage based on a license key, Oracle lets you install as much as you want wherever you want, and they trust that you will do what is necessary to stay compliant.  It is also very easy to inadvertently install options that must be paid for without realizing it.  This can create a compliance nightmare for companies who want to do the right thing.
  • If Oracle finds you out of compliance, they can force you to purchase all the licenses that you are using at LIST price.  They can also charge you back support (22% of the license fee/year) for each year you have been running the software without a license.  Even if you are not using the features, you are out of compliance if they are installed.
    • This includes small options like Diagnostic and Tuning Pack, Advanced Compression, Partitioning, etc.  Sometimes we find customers running these packs without realizing it.  These can add up.
    • Oracle is also making a targeted effort to make sure you have a Proprietary Hosting addendum on your licenses if you are using them to support external business activities, like allowing your customers to use your SaaS based solution that is running Oracle.  If you don’t have that language associated with your licenses, it could be a problem.
  • If you have not been audited within the last 2 years, you should assume it is coming.  Don’t wait to make sure you are prepared.

How we can help:

Guardian Eagle specializes in helping companies make sure they are compliant.  We have been and Oracle Gold Partner for 15+ years and have been working with and selling Oracle licenses for over 20 years.  We know the rules and the little-known money saving angles.  Our goal is to make sure you are compliant while minimizing the cost to do so.  We are in it for long term relationships, so we always put you first.  When you bring us in to perform an Oracle software license review, we:

  • Review your current usage, current ownership, associated contracts and any gaps.
  • We give you choices on how to reconcile any gaps
  • We give you recommendations on how to optimize and get the most out of what you are paying for
  • If you decide to buy licenses, we can guide you on the best way to do this and offer you a discount
  • We cannot charge you back support
  • We do not create undue pressure and stress.  We are all about Good Karma and building long term relationships.

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