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Protect Your Data From the Inside Out

Since 2003, our company has positioned itself as an industry leader, providing security solutions and managed services for businesses all over the country. While Ransomware, viruses, and other types of malware are very real threats, the reality is that the vast majority of security breaches come from the inside. This means that no matter how foolproof your firewalls are, if you are not implementing a cyber security culture that includes policies, training, and multiple systems, your business is nowhere near secure. At Guardian Eagle, we can detect anomalies as soon as they occur and respond accordingly. In fact, our solutions start with the premise that you have already been breached. 

Empower your team to conduct business as usual with full confidence that your data is protected. Sleep well at night knowing that your highly regulated data is as safe as it could possibly be. We’ll custom design security solutions so that even in a worst-case scenario, your data is protected.

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Conduct a health check, patch vulnerabilities, and ensure a solid business continuity plan- whether due to scaling or disaster recovery.

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