Database Security Monitoring

Ransomware Removal

The process for a bad actor to gain control of your systems is well known. At some point, access needs to be elevated into control. Permissions need to be granted to compromised or false users that enable them to wreak havoc. Traditional database security monitoring watches this on many layers including network, storage, and systems administration, but does not monitor permission grants within the database. Far too often application security is assumed to also mean database security, when in fact the database is a completely separate system that is the treasure chest of targets when attacked directly… bypassing the application entirely.

This is just one of the things we monitor with Eagle Eye at Guardian Eagle. Eagle Eye was built on top of 15 years of proven technology developed internally at Guardian Eagle. We monitor and alert you on many events and triggers to help you see what’s happening and deal with it before it’s too late.

In addition to the standard security-related items we monitor, we can customize alerts specifically to your critical data. We can tell you when there is a spike in queries on those fields and using technology to monitor ‘normal’ behavior, we can identify behavior that falls outside of your traditional norms.

Our Security Monitoring Solution- Eagle Eye

  • Requires no training
  • Is a lightweight install with very little overhead, and
  • Does not create additional work for your existing team

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