Database Performance and Tuning

Database Performance and Tuning

Guardian Eagle’s Database Performance and Tuning team will identify key issues impacting the performance of your database.  Every day, your business is evolving, code is being written and modified, new users are added, database size is increasing, and your customer base is growing.

All these issues affect performance, but some more than others.  Sometimes you have a known performance issue that your existing team has struggled with solving, like slow batch jobs, exports, imports, ETL, etc.

Our team of IT experts follow best practices and proven methodologies to identify the most significant issues root cause and recommend corrections that improve performance and maximize availability and reliability of your Oracle, SQL Server, or My SQL database.

We have helped countless customers improve performance by up to 90%.  We have taken queries that ran for 5 minutes and tuned them to 5 seconds.  We have taken jobs than ran for 24 hours and tuned then to less than 1 hour.  All without moving to new hardware.  The savings associated with solving performance issues within the existing hardware footprint are massive when you consider the software costs that come with adding hardware.

Guardian Eagle’s Performance and Tuning service analyzes the following including, but not limited to:

    • Top SQL
    • Index Utilization
    • Response time
    • Hardware Configuration & Utilization
    • Detailed SQL Statement analysis tuning
    • Replication and Clustering

Even if you are not experiencing performance and tuning issues, our team of experts typically find ways to improve the speed of most systems, which allows you to run in your current hardware environment longer and at greater speeds.  This increases the user experience and helps to keep happy customers and employees.

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