Conducting regular Security Assessments is a great move towards building a culture of security and constant vigilance.  Many regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS, require regular security assessments by outside entities.  Often, companies are not aware of a security breach until the hacker demands ransom or data starts appearing in public.  Security Assessments help you identify breaches quicker.  The faster you can identify and contain a data breach is critical to the business.

The Security Assessment will include two components

  • Security Review:  A collaborative process that includes identifying security issues and their level of risk, as well as preparing a plan to mitigate these risks.
  • Security Testing:  The process of finding any vulnerabilities in the Enterprise (Software, Hardware, Systems, Processes, etc.)

Database security is often challenging, as it may be difficult for a Security Team or SOC members to understand the technology well enough to secure it.  Since the “End Game” for any criminal entity is gaining access to your most critical business information, your database, we use our experience to defend your assets from the inside out!  Guardian Eagle’s Data Security Assessment will test your database’s Design, Configuration, and Maintenance, ensuring Best Practices by vendor and industry.

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